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Red Arrow = Straight Reach

Green Arrow = Flat Back

Blue Arrow = Line of sight, eyes through

Yellow Circle = Being able to wiggle your toes in the set position

Yellow Arrows = Finish position should look like the number 4, Eyes through, legs straight, arms through, thumbs up, middle finger pointing straight back

Daily drill

Dry snap drills can be done just about anywhere. I even do mine between sets while working out. They are that important!

Slow motion drills, works on getting your movement smooth. Keeping those elbows in, as well as balance. Make sure you can wiggle your toes in the beginning of the stance. And follow all the way through the drill. Bad form=Bad snaps. Don't cheat yourself.

Daily drill

Ball Toss, in my opinion one of, if not the most important drill for a long snappers daily routine. (every chance you get daily)

Warm ups and a few snaps. Remember it's: Drill, Drill, Drill, Drill, Snap. NEVER: Snap, Snap, Snap, Snap, Drill. Form is key. You will notice I do not actually snap an actual ball very many times. And this is not a complete list of my warm ups. But it will get you started.

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