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Middle / High School Football Team we're available to come speak to your teams/parents.

Time is TBD


Location is TBD

Middle / High School Football Team we're available to come speak to your teams/parents.

Middle School / High School Parents, Athletes & Coaches. Let us help navigate the steps and expectations of recruiting, social media, coach's, relationships etc.

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

*These events must be set up by leadership within each individual program. We will work with each program to cross promote the events date and time once it has been established. Dates and times are limited for some of our instructors. More details can be discussed when the event is being set up. 

I know you all are excited about this upcoming football season. So, I wanted to go ahead and get the calendar open for this opportunity as we get ready to dive into this season. As meetings are being set within your programs to discuss this upcoming season with parents or players we offer an educational service to help navigate the ups and downs of: 

1. All things recruiting.

A. Realistic expectations for parents and players.

B. Who is ultimately responsible for their recruiting. And who can cause the most damage.

C. Camps - Are some a waste of time / Benefits / Most important / Timing.

D. Recruiting Visits. Do's and Don'ts. 

E. Building relationships / it's never too early.

F. The D1 dream vs. reality. Don't overlook D2/D3. What we recommend when choosing a college.

G. NCAA clearinghouse, amaturizations etc.

H. NCSA benefits and draw backs.

I. The courting process, the graphics & hype, offers, signing day and the process, who actually signs and the perception, once you've signed some                         

    things you need to know and expect. "This is very important for both family and players."


2. Social Media.

A. The importance & liability.

B. How to manage it.

C. What to avoid.

D. Which are the most important.

E. Posting do's and don'ts.

F. Timing of post.

G. How to tag and how not to tag college recruiters/coaches.

H. Personal relationships, friendships, parties, gatherings, pictures of you on other peoples accounts etc.

3. Academics.

A. Athletic Scholarship vs Academic Scholarship.

B. How scholarships are broken down inside and outside between D1, D2, D3, etc.

C. Who's responsibility is it to keep up with this information, who needs this information and when. (High School)

D. Choosing the right college.

E. How your academics are reviewed once you are on a college team, and the impact your GPA has on the entire team.

4. Coaches / New Coaches.

A. Understanding the effects of your role in the big picture.

B. Relationships and the reality of it in football.

C. What can be expected during a coaching change and its impacts. Good and Bad.

D. The player's responsibility is to set an example as a mentor/coach for future generations.

5. What you think College Football is vs the reality of it.

A. Training.

B. Responsibilities.

C. Practice.

D. Academics / Class / Balance.

E. Time Management (Huge).

F. A day in the life.

G. Business.

Q & A.

If you have a request that is not listed we can discuss and plan a way to intergrate it into the layout.

Having actually gone through it recently, and currently going through it with our athletes we work with. We have had success in helping players  get into FBS D1, D2 programs. Having said that, we just want to help others with their journey through the process. And hopefully help take a load off of your coaches as they prepare and plan for the upcoming season. In certain cases it may be possible that we can have the other players we have worked with attend as well.

 I do want to stress this. This is NOT to try and recruit Long Snappers, Kickers, Punters, etc. to our training academy or upcoming events. This is also not an outreach for recruiting for any of the colleges we have open spots for or currently play for. This is just an educational opportunity to share some experience from current, past players and trainers who can relate to the stress of it all. Football and recruiting is not like it was 15+ years ago. Rules, NIL, etc. have changed the landscape. If you bank on making it with "This is how we did it back in my day" your probably not going to like the outcome. Lets us help. 

Messages have been sent out to multiple programs that we currently work with. If your interested in having us out to speak please let me know so I can put it on the calendar. We appreciate the opportunity you all have given us to work with your current and former players. And we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Fee: Free to local school within the Birmingham area. Outside of the area if you can cover gas/travel price thats all we ask. 





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