End of Regular Season Football

Long but worth the read:

As the regular #footballseason comes to an end. It's very important for a player in really the 7th grade up to the 11th grade to realize this. Go ahead and take 24 hours to rest after that last game, if you feel you need it. "BUT" if your plans are to continue to play #football beyond #highschool your real work starts now.

During the season your time is very limited and let's be real. Once season starts if you are not already ready you are already behind. I don't care what position you play. If you are not getting quality training in during the training season (note, there is no offseason) you are making a huge mistake.

And let me be clear. Playing around with your other teammates out on some field IS NOT quality reps. Find someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve, recently. Always train at lease 1 level up. Today's sports culture, competition and athletes are different than they were let's say 15+ years ago. Athletes today start position specific training very early. They start their recruiting process in the 6-7 grade.

With full respect let me say this. Local media is great, especially when they recognize all 3 phases of the game including #specialists but please don't think that defines your one-way ticket to the next level. IT DOES NOT... It very to see. you and your family will enjoy it. And sure, go ahead and post it. But that needs to be at the bottom of your list when it comes to being successful.

YOUR game film, YOUR practice film, YOUR DAILY dedication to YOUR goal, that's the top of the list.

The second big one SOCIAL MEDIA. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. Get with someone who is TRULY QUALIFIED to guide and help you. Again, not your buddy or girlfriend. Someone who has navigated it successfully already. This one thing can completely destroy you and every bit of the hard work you put in with just a click of a button. (No, you are not special and can get away with it because you think you are different. Yes, it can be found if you think it was deleted, snap chat is not your friend. Your friend's media can sink you just as quick.) Again, find a qualified person.

Other sports outside of Football: It between you and your family. However, so that I feel better I have to say it. If your goal is an athletic scholarship to play football at the next level. Be very selective at what you do. A good question to ask is this.

Do colleges offer scholarships in the sport I'm giving my valuable time to?

What's the chances of me getting injured in a way that will hinder my number 1 goal?

Again, nothing wrong with being a dual sport athlete. And I know you will make good choices. And I'm sure a lot of coaches outside of football would not like this paragraph. But it's still true.

Getting recruited is a full-time job for you and your parents. Getting a Full Athletic Scholarship IS NOT EASY!!! It's a full-time job with mandatory overtime, triple time etc. And it is not your coach's sole responsibility to get you a scholarship. Their opinion of you will matter if a recruiter actually calls them directly and ask about you. #Respect #yourgrades #teamwork #accountability #Attitude on and off the field. #responsibility #Dependability #leadership are you first or last on the field. Do you put in QUALITY extra work. Those are the big questions.

Eat, Train, Sleep, Repeat - 6 days a week. If you need any help just let me know and I will do my best to get you pointed in the right direction.

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