PAT & FG Snaps 7, 7.5, 8 yards

Over the past week I have had more questions regarding the distance of PAT & FG Snaps. 2 High School and 1 FBS D1 college #longsnapper They are telling me that the coach is requiring them to snap at 7 yards, and not allowing them to move the holder to get laces. Personally, I think it's more a kicker issue worrying about that extra 1 yard. But either way it can be handled by the Long Snapper.

Just rotate the ball a quarter turn from your normal grip. Snap one to your holder and see where the laces are at. Continue to adjust the ball/laces until you get laces at the 7 yards, they want you at. I would also highly recommend practicing this with a wet ball. Because when it rains, and you can't grab the ball with the laces in the normal position it can feel a little different. So geta feel for it before it happens.

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