I attended my 1st actual camp in April 2014. Since then I have had the pleasure of attending many camps/national event, etc. My dad and I have made many friends and connections throughout the years that we think will last a lifetime. We started X Longsnapping to try and help others. But something happened a few days ago that truly disappointed me.

Another specialist company, that’s been around for a long time that I’ve helped out several times sent me a disturbing text message. This person claimed that a photo that I posted of me and my friends was not approved for me to use since some of my friends help train his people.

Honestly never saw that coming. Everyone in the picture knew I had posted it and had no problem with it. I don’t even do or train people to do what they do. I’m honestly perplexed. I’m not looking to or trying to do anyone wrong. Nor do I want to receive petty or unprofessional messages from anyone.

So, I’m posting this here for everyone to see. Both Athletes and other specialist companies alike. If you do not want your pictures posted or you do not want me to send you any specialist that either I feel is ready for your camps or I don’t train their particular skill please let me know immediately. And I of course will honor your request.


Xander Echols

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