Long Snappers and their relationships.

It's not what you are thinking!

I'm talking about friendships between each other. The Good. The Bad and The Sad.

The Good: I have some of the best friends I could ask for that are long snappers. They live all across the United States. We talk, text, group chat, facetime, visit each other, etc. I feel confident that these friendships will last a lifetime. I have the same type friendships with several other camp instructors and their staff. You as a long snapper will experience this first hand. There are some really good people in this family.

The Bad; The old saying goes. Everyone likes to see you doing good, just not better than them. This is not true for everyone. But it is very true for some. I absolutely love to see others succeed period. I will do everything I can to help you succeed. And if you pass me, then I must have done a great job. I wish everyone could see it that way. But they don't and you have to accept that.

The Sad: When it's no longer a family. It has been turned into a competition and clicks. Parents keep in mind your kids listen to you talk. And every parent thinks their kids are the best to have ever done it. I get it. You should have pride in your long snapper. And to the long snappers. Those were your friends not too long ago. And could have possibly been the best friend you would have ever had. Parents & athletes. Just be good to each other.

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