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I will start if by saying it’s OK if you do not agree with what I’m saying here. This is just to give a different perspective of these topic. so let’s get started:

The offer collector: You’ve all seen them “which is what they like, attention.” the person that post “ I happy to have received my 12th offer from__________ college today.” I know recruits that have done it, and those that didn’t. Don’t get me wrong it’s great and exciting to post your offers. But there is also a back side to it that could potentially hurt you. When you graduate high school and you have all your stars, ranking, awards, etc. And you were the superstar at your high school. It feels great. And now college teams want you. They want you to join the TEAM. Which most likely the majority of those players are as good if not better than you are. So when you post the scripted saying about being happy to receive your 15th etc. offer from said school it looks like you may have commitment issues. Can you commit to TEAM not I? If your holding out for the school you really want that’s fine. But just be careful of the signals your sending out to everyone with those post. Maybe just say I happy to have received another offer from said school today. Be HUMBLE, Just my thought.

Announcement post: “I will be announcing my commitment at 07:31:46 pm central time.” I see this a lot. Time and time zone will differ but you get the picture. What type of teammate do you think of when you read that? Remember, this is a high school athlete about to join a college team of other players just as good if not better than they are. How do you think this players ego and attitude is going to handle walking out on an even playing field? Do you think they will act out having to share the spotlight or maybe not getting the spotlight at all for a little while? A little humility goes a long way.

Do it however you want to. Just remember the unintended consequences that it may cause.

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