Partnerships / Exposure:

Today I am excited to announce our partnership with @Recruits_Al (on Twitter) This partnership will allow us to create more exposure for our Long Snappers here within the State of Alabama. If you know anything about Long Snappers, then you know we do not get very much attention unless the snap goes bad. And the majority of sports writers, news media, social media, magazines, etc. usually never mention Long Snappers on their All-County, All-State, All-Everything list. But somehow, they have convinced themselves that the ball just magically appears for the kickers, punters, etc.

Now, I have never met an All Anything Kicker or Punter that didn't have a great Long Snapper. Especially since we honestly know it all starts with the SNAP. "Sorry, my rant is now over" back to the partnership. Joining forces with @Recruits_AL this will allow us to get our Long Snappers on their Top Prospects list for each class year. And that list will get sent to everybody possible via social media. This is a huge step in the right direction.

We are currently working on developing other partnerships with other media partners that will farther enhance our Long Snapper footprint in the recruiting world. I will continue to update this blog as more information comes available. #XLongsnapping

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