Ranking Camp, Training Camps, College Camps, etc.

Let me start off by saying these are all different. Not all bad, not all good, just different.

I personally have attended camps with Rubio, Kohls, HKA, One on One Kicking. I know those guys. I do not have any issues with any of them. When we started to open X Longsnapping we did so with full intentions to train and funnel Long Snappers to one or all of those camps once the athlete was ready. Our goal is to get you started off ranked as high as possible. The closer you are to the top the less time you have to crawl to try and reach the top.

We talk with our Long Snappers & parents and try to match personalities and goals with which ranking camp may better fit their needs. How those camps reciprocate back to us is out of our control. It is my belief that no one camp has ALL the college connections and that you won't get recruited if you go to any other camp except_________ camp. Don't put your eggs in one basket. It's really simple math. Most college special teams coaches will not stay at the same college for their entire career. They move around. Sometimes a lot.

A book could be written just about this subject. But the main key to successful recruiting is RELATIONSHIPS that "you" build with College coaches. This is why College Camps are very important.

Now I would not recommend going to every camp that pops up or that you get an invite to. Especially if it's a mass invite. Which are a large percentage of camps. Pick the college that you could see yourself going to ever if Football was not in the cards. The reason I say don't go to all of the camps is real simple. The coaches talk, yes even if their schools are rivals. If you go and have an off day. That off-day performance has a good chance of beating you to the next camp. I have seen guys go to camps back to back. They will hit one on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and drive/ride a long way in between those camps. Your chances of a bad day go way up doing that. I do not recommend it at all.

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